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Unique & Beautiful Window Curtain for Residential House in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley, Selangor

When you first enter your house, you definitely need great window curtain ideas for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and many other areas of your house. However, it is a design challenge and requires major spending as to not let your interior looks unappealing to the eyes of your guests. 

Reasonably Priced & Top Quality of Window Curtain Design & Install in Malaysia

So, with excellent tips, suggestions and ideas from our window curtain specialist, you can get the best look of your window curtain for your beautiful house. 
  1. Simplicity is the new trend in town. Avoid using excessive window coverings with thick laces and so on. Look for a simple window shade that compliments well with your wallpaper, furniture and other decorations.
  2. If you prefer to have natural lighting for your room, just pick soft and natural colour scheme. Even if you install the attractive pleated window curtain, plenty of light will be able to enter your room with natural tone of colour. 
  3. Play around with colours. Choose any kinds of coloured fabric that will match with the room’s wall. Revise your choices of colours that can make the room look bigger, brighter or darker depends on the room’s functionality.
  4. Never overspend in choosing window curtains. Although you want something grand and elegant for your living room, spending it wrongly will make the interior look even worse. Remember, simple is better.
  5. Pick daring print for your window curtain. Flowery patterns with bright colours give out the traditional and positive vibe to the people sitting in the room. Moreover, stripes are the best choice for home owners that wants luxurious element to the whole room. 
  6. Apply technology on your window. Using automatic window curtain will save time and gives maximum relaxation to you while having to entertain your guests. Plus, the high tech system of your window curtains will make it look sleek and stylish allowing anyone in the room to feel jealous with your wonderful curtain.

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